Warranty & Repairs


A significant benefit to purchasing sunglasses from us is that all of our products come with a two year warranty.  For products that are past warranty or need services not covered under warranty, parts are often serviceable or replaceable.

We are committed to doing all we can to get your sunglasses in good working order.  Depending on the issue and where you reside we will help you replace or repair your sunglasses in a few different ways.  We will either:

  • Replace your defective sunglasses with a new pair
  • Locate an Authorized Dealer in your area and coordinate local service on your behalf
  • Mail you the parts needed to rectify the issue
  • Have you visit our physical store or mail the product to us for service

If there are charges associated with your warranty/repair you will be notified prior to any action being taken.  For sunglasses that are under warranty, replacement and repair services are free with a $10.00 processing fee assessed to US customers and $20.00 processing fee to international customers.  For sunglasses that are not under warranty, availability and pricing of replacement parts will vary.

We would like to assess your product to determine the fastest and most cost effective way of servicing you.  Please select the START A WARRANTY CLAIM OR REPAIR button below to get started.